Tom Steyer

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Tom Steyer, a self-made billionaire, founded NextGen America - a nonprofit group that combats climate change, promotes social justice and turns out voter - and became the first major Democrat to rally Americans with a public call to impeach Donald Trump. Steyer announced his candidacy on July 9, 2019.

"I am a fan of biofuels. I try to watch exactly what the ability it is, of biofuels, to reduce carbon emissions in transportation. It has gotten a lot better, I believe the the environmental community is behind in understanding the advances happening with that too, all of the things that are going to be based on research and engineering, including biofuels, are going to only get better. It always happens. A lot of people have asked me about the oil refinery waivers Mr. Trump has given and that to me is a political choice by Mr. Trump to favor his own corporate sponsors. Look, Mr. Trump is definitely lying to Iowans all the way, his trade war specifically hurts Iowans, those waivers are something that specifically hurt Iowans." -Storm Lake, IA, 10-2-19

"Biofuels are essential for us to fight climate change.And one of the things that’s true when you have new technologies is you have to produce then en masse in order to learn how to produce them better to drive down the costs. This is a state that gets 40% of its energy from wind turbines. Wind turbines weren’t cheap enough when we first started building turbines, but we’ve seen the cost come down and now they’re the cheapest source of energy in the United States. We’re gonna have to use technology to drive down the cost curve, we gonna have to do it by actually spending the money to buy it to let the producers learn how to do it. And that’s what we’ve actually seen with biofuels. That when we started using biofuels, they really weren’t very good to prevent climate change. But they’ve gotten much more efficient and cheaper and, as a result, now they are. That’s what we’re gonna have to do and I’m in favor. We’re gonna need to biofuels and we’re gonna have to use science and technology to make it as powerful as possible. -Fort Dodge, IA, 1-3-20

Steyer supports a multi-year biodiesel tax credit while in Fort Dodge, Iowa

Jan. 3, 2020