Elizabeth Warren

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Elizabeth Warren is a current U.S. Senator from Massachusetts. She announced her candidacy on February 9, 2019.

"I support Biodiesel" - Dubuque IA, 3-1-19

"Right now the waivers are are being handed out. And who gets the waivers? The guys who have connections. The big guys." - Dubuque IA, 3-1-19

"Yes. The Renewable Fuel Standard is important to support Iowa producers and ensure cleaner transportation fuels, which is why I have been a strong supporter of the Renewable Fuel Standard during my time in the Senate. Investing in renewables like corn ethanol, soy biodiesel, cellulosic ethanol, switchgrass and biomass gives farmers a market they can count on and helps move us away from fossil fuels. The RFS has been, and will continue to be, an important policy for reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, decreasing our reliance on foreign oil, modernizing our economy, providing opportunity to hundreds of thousands of Americans, including those central to Iowa’s economy. But the RFS is only one piece of the puzzle. We need to expand federal programs that work with farmers, small businesses, and co-ops to boost renewable energy, including for modes of transportation like aviation and maritime shipping, where there is potential for rapid growth and expansion of US produced biofuels."

- Candidate statement,10-30-19, 




Warren promotes Alternative fuels in her Clean Energy for America Plan

"I’ll establish a Clean Fuel Standard to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions by promoting lower-carbon alternative fuels".

Full Plan

Sept 4th, 2019


"Right now the waivers are are being handed out. And who gets the waivers? The guys who have connections. The big guys." - Elkader, IA 3/1/19

"We know that our nation has to reach complete independence from fossil fuels, and renewables
like corn ethanol and soy biodiesel are part of the solution. But we must promote other types of
biofuels too—and the federal government should promote research to that end. America already
leads the way in developing and producing certain types of clean energy, like biofuels.
Continued innovation will help reduce additional environmental costs for biofuels, and my Green
Manufacturing plan will do just that. I’ll build on the foundation we have with a $400 billion
federal commitment over ten years to clean energy research and development — more than 10
times what we invested in clean energy R&D in the last ten years." - Survey Response, 10-30-19. 

"Decarbonizing fuel by investing in renewables and expanding federal programs that work with farmers are part of the solution and will help us transition away from fossil fuels. A Warren administration will invest in R&D for clean and renewable fuels so that we can continue to increase the ethanol content of our fuel blends for vehicles on the road, while rapidly transitioning our new light and medium duty vehicle fleet to zero emission vehicles. And for sectors like aviation and maritime shipping, there is much opportunity for expanding the US produced biofuels market." -Survey Response, 10-30-19

Warren Says Trump is Hurting Farmers on Trade, Production During Ethanol Plant Tour

June 10, 2019

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Warren calls out misuse of Small Refinery Exemptions

March 1, 2019