About Us

Biofuels Vision 2020 Mission

Biofuels Vision 2020 is a coalition of organizations and individuals who are committed to educating candidates in both parties about the production and use of renewable fuels in the United States.

Meet Our Co-Chairs

Bill Couser Nevada
Bill Couser is the founding Chairman of the Board for Lincolnway Energy, a locally-owned ethanol plant near Nevada, Iowa. He is also the CEO of Couser Cattle Company and 5,000 acres of corn seed and soybean seed production. He and his wife, Nancy, partnered with the EPA, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Iowa State University and the Iowa Cattleman's Association to pioneer an innovative vegetative treatment system for feedlot runoff. Mr. and Mrs. Couser won the 2010 National Environmental Stewardship Award from the National Cattlemen's Association. They hosted hundreds of of US and foreign visitors at both Lincolnway Energy and their cattle operation.
State Senator Rob Hogg
State Senator Robb Hogg is a staunch advocate for clean energy and clean water. He believes we must unite for strong action for clean energy and clean water, not just for the environment, but also for jobs today and in the future. In 2010, while chair of the Senate Rebuild Iowa Committee, Sen. Hogg helped form the Cedar River Watershed Coalition, a citizen-led effort to advocate for policies and practices to help improve watershed and floodplain management, reduce future flood damage and improve water quality. He still serves as co-chair. In 2013, Sen. Hogg released his book, America's Climate Century: What Climate Changes Means for Americans in the 21st Century and What Americans Can Do About it.
State Senator Amanda Ragan
State Senator Amanda Ragan was raised in rural Iowa and currently lives in Mason City, home of the Golden Grain Energy ethanol production facility and the REG biodiesel production facility. Sen. Ragan knows firsthand the positive effect biofuels has had on Iowa's economy and environment. Sen. Ragan serves as the executive director for two community programs addressing hunger: Community Kitchen of Northern Iowa and Mason City Meals on Wheels. She is very active in the communities she serves as an active member of many chambers of commerce and nonprofit boards.